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Tantalizing strips of tangy strawberry and tart kiwi, tossed in a light layer of sugary goodness… a perfect “10.”

Ingredients: Natural & Art Flavoring, USP Propylene Glycol, USP Vegetable Glycerine, and USP NicSelect Nicotine

Size: 120mL

Ratio: 70vg/30pg

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Weight6 oz

16 reviews for DIME PIECE

  1. larry sealey (verified owner)

    This has a tart taste of strawberry and kiwi and is very good.

  2. Chris (verified owner)

    my all day every day vape, absolutely LOVE this flavor!

  3. Randy (verified owner)

    If you like light flavors this is for you.. smooth hits and refreshing!

  4. John Cunningham (verified owner)

    Love the juice and the price. Bought 5x 120ml which I have never done before. Will definitely buy more.

  5. Barbara (verified owner)

    I love it. Full of flavor

  6. Misty McCarthy (verified owner)

    Love this juice. Great balance between strawberry and kiwi. I find that if I let it steep for a couple weeks after it arrives, the flavor really comes out. My second favorite juice (Loop Hole being #1).

  7. Zack (verified owner)

    Best juice ever

  8. Bruce Yi (verified owner)

    Dime piece exceeded expectations. Keep going back to it.

  9. Marcia Campbell (verified owner)

    Its one of 2 i order every 2 weeks tastes great only place i order from !!!!

  10. Briell (verified owner)

    This flavor is my favorite. I never get tired of it. Perfect for those that love fruity flavors!!

  11. Sigdaddy

    This juice is flawless in every day! It’ll have that sweet tooth covered for that all day vape!

  12. stephenjoelrobert22 (verified owner)

    Dime Piece is well balanced in every meaning of the word. I tasted kiwi on the inhale, followed by strawberry when I exhaled. I would say Dime Piece has a fruit overtone, with a mild candy undertone. Very good juice for those of us who like candy and fruit vapes.

  13. Tyler (verified owner)

    Not a bad juice by abstrakt! This has very good strawberry kiwi flavor!

  14. Tyler (verified owner)

    This has very good strawberry kiwi flavor!

  15. ladybug0405

    Really nice tangy strawberry/kiwi flavor with just the right amount of sweetness, without killing my coils. I get a really nice cloud off this juice too. The 3mg juice had a really good throat hit too for a low nic juice. Which is important to me just coming off cigs after 36 yrs. The throat hit from this and Stuff’d helped me straight up quit cigs the day my order arrived with no cheating whatsoever. Thanks <3 I'll be back for another 5 pack no doubt!

  16. forum271 (verified owner)

    Fantastic candy profile!

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